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People who are traumatized often feel unsafe in the world and, perhaps more importantly, unsafe in their bodies.  Their internal and external worlds are filled with reminders, and in order to cope, trauma survivors become experts at compartmentalizing and “cutting off” feelings.  

Trauma is destructive, and at the same time, trauma is a part of the human condition.  Therapy can bring healing.  We know that horrific or threatening experiences can cause injury, but we also know that our brains and our bodies are wired for releasing trauma, for healing.

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Sarah McIntyre, MEd, LPC Office, West University, Rice University, Medical Center


Because the therapeutic relationship is central to healing, I offer a free in-office consultation to potential clients. This gives you the opportunity to meet with me face-to-face and to get a sense for who I am and how I work, before you make a decision and invest money.

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