Frequently Asked Questions

In your quest to find the right therapist for you, lots of questions can come up.  Submit your own question using the “Ask a Question” form below the list of FAQ’s.

What is a counselor or psychotherapist?

I use the terms “counselor” and “psychotherapist” interchangeably.  It is difficult to draw boundaries between the meanings of these words, but some people have a preference for one term over the other.

What are your credentials?

I have a Master’s degree in counseling and am a licensed counselor in the State of Texas.  I’ve completed training through the International Society for the Study of Dissociation and Trauma and through the Houston-Galveston Trauma Institute.  I am also a Professional Member of the American Counseling Association.

What issues can you help with?

I help clients who are dealing with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, trauma, infertility, or are seeking support around other issues in their lives.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment length varies depending on your goals for therapy.  During the first few sessions, we will complete the intake process and discuss your goals.  At this point we will also discuss how you will know when you are ready to end therapy.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Absolutely!  I offer a free 30 minute in-office consultation to potential clients.  I am also happy to speak with you over the phone and answer any questions you have.

Do you take my insurance?

Many insurance plans offer out-of-network mental health benefits.  If you are planning to use your benefits, I suggest calling your insurance company and asking a few questions:

  • Do I have out of network benefits for mental health (sometimes called behavioral health)?
  • What is the allowed amount?
  • What percentage am I responsible for?
  • What forms or documents do I need to file claims?

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